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      1. Digital print sample. Say "Yes!" to the Versafire Wedding Kit

        Discover the diverse possibilities of Versafire now and request a free wedding kit.

        New Diana Go 85 folding carton gluing machine

        The Diana Go is more than just the perfect folding carton gluing machine to step into the packaging business.

        Packaging printing

        Discover our Print Media Center Packaging – a unique forum for packaging printing professionals

        Label printing

        Developed for maximum productivity and efficiency, our modular label printing systems are impressively flexible and user friendly.

        Commercial printing

        In today's ultra-competitive environment, most printers are looking to boost profits by minimizing spending on capital equipment and press supplies...

        Latest news

        Press releases

        17. September 2019

        Russian printing company strengthens market position by investing in complete solution from Heidelberg

        12. September 2019

        WorldSkills Kazan: Heidelberg promotes up-and-coming international talent in the print industry

        11. September 2019

        Electric vehicle manufacturer e.GO Mobile AG opts for charging technology from Heidelberg

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